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Tuesday, May 3 2022Case Study: How can leverage Layer0 to improve their First Page Loads and Navigation upto ~80%, acing Largest Contentful Paint.With Layer0, nearly every website can boost their front-end performance. Easiest way to ace Largest Contentful Paint (part of Core Web Vitals)? Combine your frontend optimisations with the powerful caching and predictive prefetching offered by Layer0 by Limelight.Read More →
Tuesday, February 22 2022Compute runtime dependencies for your Remix Express app via @vercel/nftIt might get tough for you to compute what packages to keep for production while you're building a Remix Express App. Well, I've come to your rescue!Read More →
Tuesday, November 2 2021Using Firebase Admin with Next.jsTrying to set up firebase-admin with Next.js with no success? Read the solution I reached after doing several deployments.Read More →
Thursday, October 21 2021Dynamic Previews with Next.js, TailwindCSS, Chrome AWS Lambda and Layer0Wanna see how I generated the image above with code? And yes, It supports dark mode too!Read More →
Saturday, September 11 2021Svelte, Service Worker and Layer0This guide assumes that you're using Webpack with Svelte. Find the GitHub Repo containing the entire setup at rishi-raj-jain/svelte-layer0-example Deployed link: More →
Thursday, August 12 2021A/B testing using Layer0 Edge Split Testing with Google Optimize Server Side frameworkThis guide describes how to configure A/B Testing with Layer0 and Google Optimize Server Side Experiment & deploy your Next SPA to Layer0. Clone the repo nextjs-layer0-google-server-side-experiment-2 to get the entire setup.Read More →
Monday, August 9 2021Enabling Service Worker with Vue 2 and Vue 3Believe me, I've crawled the entire internet and still wasn't able to found a solution as precise as this. Follow the steps, and successfully integrate Service Worker with your Vue app, right now!Read More →
Monday, June 21 2021How To Build Your Own Likes and Comments System With Firebase and ReactWanted to have likes and comments section for your blog, but can not figure out the cheapest and performance-friendly solution? In this blog, I explain a detailed approach on how to create a 'beautiful' comment section and like feature React components (with TailwindCSS) with 0 CLS and integration with Firebase!Read More →