Rishi Raj Jain Rishi Raj Jain

Layer0 has evolved, and so has Rishi.

A look back at Rishi's contribution to Layer0 from August 2021 to July 2022

Layer0 docs got better Richer.

He contributed over 165 meaningful commits!
#47 frameworks now officially documented with Layer0.
the first one to curate a full guide on Layer0 traditional template. Take me to the guide →

He could not see the future, but documented it to be shipped with Edgio.

Nuxt3 Logo Oxygen Logo Swell Logo Remix Logo

He templated the present, and created a deployment button to ship it with one click.

Deploy To Layer0 Button
new frameworks added that can be deployed to Layer0, right now with a single click.

Sharing docs is more than just sharing a link. He ideated, created and documented a dynamic Open Graph Image Generator, deployable with Layer0 to include Rich Previews to Docs.

Still need a testimonial?

Jeff Patzer
“High5 to @Rishi Raj Jain for showing amazing ownership in creating and updating 8 demos for the following frameworks: Shopify Hydrogen, Docusaurus, Remix, ecom Static VueJs, Hexo, Hugo, Zola, and ecom Svelte all last week. They are viewable in the docs.layer0.co (some still launching). Keep crushing it @Rishi Raj Jain” Jeff Patzer, Director Strategic Solutions Architecture at Layer0

He worked with customers and drove platform adoption on forums!

Forum Example - 1 Forum Example - 2

He kept writing and vouching for Layer0 (even before he contracted).

15+ Blogs 35K+ Impresssions Blogs and Tweets Impressions

Need a self starter engineer? That’s him.

Self Starter

He collaborated for many-way growth.

Many Way Growth Storyblok Rishi Raj Jain
Storyblok Case Study Rishi Raj Jain Sanity Case Study Rishi Raj Jain

He spread what he knew and had learnt in Conference Talks, Sessions, Guides and Examples.

1st Session: Dynamically Static Blogs

Dynamically Static Blogs Talked about: Next.js, Layer0 and Storyblok Use Case: Portfolio For Beginners Venue: IIIT-Delhi

1st Talk: Dynamically Static Blogs

First Talk Talked about: Next.js, Layer0 and Storyblok Use Case: Superfast Blogs! Venue: HACKNITR 3.0

1st Conference: ISG with Nuxt(2)

First Conference Talked about: ISG with Nuxt(2) and Layer0 Use Case: Enabling ISG by platform Venue: Conf42

Created 60+ repositories that showcase Layer0 with

Frameworks Collection

~ Wall Of Appreciation ~

Praise on Mail Vercel's Appreciation Vercel's Praise Layer0's Inclusion

Thank you! 💚