Elaichi: Open-Source Jira Alternative with Upstash, Firebase Storage, SvelteKit and TailwindCSS

Experience the power of SvelteKit with this open-source project, offering a self-hostable alternative to Jira's Kanban Board. Built using Upstash, Firebase Storage, and TailwindCSS, it aims to deliver all functionalities of a Kanban Board, while remaining free and customizable.


Empowering Garg Property Adviser's Online Identity and Web Presence

Rishi Raj Jain, the creative force behind Garg Property Adviser's captivating online identity. From designing captivating logos to coding and launching a seamless website at, Rishi's expertise has transformed Garg Property Adviser's web presence.


Building a Faster OTT-like Experience with Dynamic Edge Caching and Client-side Prefetching

Discover how to create an OTT-like experience that offers lightning-fast performance through dynamic edge-only caching and client-side prefetching using Next.js, TailwindCSS, Edgio and TVMaze.


Revolutionizing The Ahuja Lab's Performance and Online Presence

Through his expertise in web design, development, and optimization strategies, Rishi has implemented a seamless navigation, lightning-fast page loading, and enhanced user experience on their responsive website.


Rishi Raj Jain: A Year of Evolution and Contribution to Layer0

Join us in celebrating Rishi Raj Jain's remarkable journey at Layer0 from August 2021 to July 2022. From enhancing Layer0's documentation to curating guides, contributing commits, and expanding platform adoption, Rishi's impact has been invaluable as a Solutions Engineer.


Unleashing the Fastest Online Presence with Next.js, Storyblok, and Layer0

Discover the expert insights of Rishi Raj Jain, shared during the #JSWORLDConference, as he unveils the secrets behind establishing the fastest online presence for your business.