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Rishi Raj Jain


Hey, I’m Rishi Raj Jain. I'm currently looking for new full time roles (previously, Technical Support Engineer at Lemon Squeezy, Technical Customer Success Manager at Edgio, and Ambassador at Storyblok).

I love to bring a positive attitude to the table, and like to spend my free time in nature or enjoying myself with family. (Ultra) Bullet Chess is my favourite sport.


Laid Off From Lemon Squeezy

I was laid off from Lemon Squeezy in October (it's my birthday month but all is unfair anyways, haha). The time I worked on hell of a scale, crushing over 1200+ customer support tickets with the team to bring them down to 100+. Basically, achieved what I was hired for.


Inspired by Marc Lou, I launched and made 300$ from it nearly immediately. is a Boilerplate Code for Astro. Launch your SaaS in a day!

Joined Lemon Squeezy as Technical Support Representative

Lately, Lemon Squeezy was under the bus for a slow support. They hired me to fix it. Killed it with the team by bringing down the tickets from 1200+ to 100+.

Launched BookSpace: Bookings Made Simple For Institutions

Not the skin this time, a simple problem statement. Bookings in institutions are manual. It's a pain in the ass. Launched the SaaS in a month on Product Hunt that aims to automate the handling of bookings in an institution.

Laid Off From Edgio/Limelight Networks/Layer0

I was laid off in the later rounds of re-structuring at Edgio. The time I had was an exponential learning and exposure. Notably, Ajay Kapur, Howie Ross, Patrick Saweikis, Ishan Anand, Tevfik Sertel, Tom Mount, Jeff Patzer, Petr VečeΕ™a, Aleksandar Perkucin and Raees Iqbal have been the best colleagues anyone could've asked for. Read more about it here.

Launched Garg Property Adviser's Website

Freelanced for a New Delhi based Real Estate client with Svelte, Storyblok, Upstash, TailwindCSS, Satori and Edgio, and rolled to production in a week.

In-Person Technical Sales Experience for Edgio at Gurgaon & Bangalore

I was exposed to the in-person technical sales experience for which I'm grateful to the folks at Edgio. Presented the whole platform Layer0 (acquired by LLNW) to one of the India's biggest OTT player, and education platform, including other notable technical prospects in JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru.

Become a Storyblok Ambassador (Again!)

I love it when my contributions are recognized. Read the Storyblok tweet presenting me as their latest Storyblok Ambassador.

Record Edgio Video Tutorials With Various Frameworks

For the first time, took on the face (not quite literally :P) of the company at YouTube and recorded 7 tutorial videos, demonstrating the process of deploying various frameworks to Edgio. More on

Got awarded as an Astro INTERSTELLAR ASTRONAUT

My open-source contributions (summarized here) to Astro project, got recognized! What an amazing feeling. A great thanks to all out there who vouched for me and to the Astro team. Read more about it here.

Launched - An Open Source Alternative to LinkTree

My skin had been itching to take on some big private provider with an Open-Source alternative that's much faster and uses some cool tech. Launched in a week, and received an overwhelming response. Read the launch tweet, and read the 28-hour update here.

Launched The Ahuja Lab's Website

Freelanced for a New Delhi based Research Group, The Ahuja Lab with Astro, Storyblok, TailwindCSS, and Vercel, and rolled to production in a week. Read the case study here.

Speaker at Conf42

More than glad to be a speaker at Conf42, and happy to have talked about "Generate pages on demand: ISG With Layer0 and Nuxt.js | Rishi Raj Jain | Conf42 JavaScript 2021". YouTube

Speaker at HackNITR 3.0

Delighted to be a speaker at HackNITR 3.0, and beyond happy to have talked about "Build Your Personal Blog With Next.js, Storyblok, and Layer0". YouTube

Storyblok Ambassador πŸ’š

Giving back to the community, tools and technologies is one of the most rewarding things to me! Read about my journey here.

Gave my first coding session! πŸŽ‰ Topic: 'Dynamically Static Blogs'

Establishing an online presence is hard, isn't it? Have you tried to launch your own blogs only to get stuck trying to do it "the right way"? I've been there. I'd waste time dealing with complex tech instead of bringing out myself. Then, I started building my portfolio from scratch with Next.js, TailwindCSS, Storyblok and Layer0 and believe me, it's the best tech stack ever. The session was all about how I deployed a performance-first, incrementally static regenerated blogs without compromising my requirements. Slides
Thanks to Vasu for giving me the opportunity to talk about how I built my portfolio.

Joined Layer0 πŸš€

I'm extremely excited about this new role helping front-end developers to live on the edge, and prefetch at scale for speed.

OdoriFy published at JBC (Journal of Biological Chemistry)

Delighted that Vishesh Agarwal involved me with the team, Dr. Gaurav Ahuja, Ria Gupta, and Sushant Gupta to develop and design OdoriFy: A comprehensive AI-driven web-based solution for Human Olfaction. Recently, the work got published at JBC ✨πŸ₯³

Guide published on Layer0

My tutorial "A guide to Incremental Static (Re)generation (ISG and ISR) With Layer0 and Nuxt.js!" got published on Layer0! πŸ˜„

Guide published on Storyblok

My tutorial "Deploy Next SPA with Storyblok to Layer0" got published on Storyblok! πŸ₯³

Guide published on

My guide titled "Deploying Sanity Studio with Layer0" got published on! Find the link to the guide at Deploying Sanity Studio with Layer0 | guide and my Sanity profile at Rishi Raj Jain's profile on ✨

My portfolio got featured on Storyblok!

My portfolio got featured on Storyblok's Case Studies at Rishi Raj Jain - Storyblok ✨

Integrated Storyblok CMS quickly with Next.js to create blogs powered with ISR

Created a replica of Vercel Blog's Design with TailwindCSS and Storyblok CMS for showcasing my blogs.

I write my first blog

That feeling of publishing first blog on a new platform! Incremental Static (Re)Generation with Nuxt.js and Layer0 - DEV Community πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Started as Software Engineer at Digital Product School, Munich, Germany

Developing and Designing for better individual health with a team of 6. Thanks to Daniel Bedo and Marcus Paeschke for accepting me as both Software Engineer and Interaction Designer respectively. πŸš€

Freelanced for Arian Architects

Spent approximately 5 hrs with @figma, #nextjs, @tailwindcss, @statically, @github actions and rolled to production. πŸš€

Joined MIDAS Research Group

The place where I learned a lot about production front-end design and development and tried my good hand at Django as well. Loving the freedom to work as per convenience. Thanks to Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah, Avi Garg, Ashwin Singh, and Mansi Agarwal for making the experience awesome. 😎

Deleted Instagram & Facebook

Inevitably, started talking to real people on Whatsapp and Telegram. 😍

Core Team Member at DSC IIIT-Delhi

Glad to be selected as a core member of Developer Student Clubs, IIIT-Delhi πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» led by Isha Gupta. LinkedIn Post

Became the first MSP from IIIT-Delhi

Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) share their deep knowledge and passion for technology with their fellow students. LinkedIn Post

Developed International Affairs IIIT-Delhi

Developed website and designed alumni maps for brochure, to showcase IIIT-Delhi globally. Website

Worked for a Civic & Social Organization

Worked with Manish Manohar and three other colleagues to design and develop a dynamic and scalable dashboard to highlight key data points that would help Saajha's Operation Team to make informed decisions.

First Blog Accepted in GeeksForGeeks

Being a big fan of Next.js, wrote on the SWR library rolled out at that time. Accepted at GFG: Next.js | SWR (Stale While Revalidate) – Introduction. ✍️

Joined Precog Research Group

Can't thank Saurabh Gupta enough to believe in my skills and involve me in the research group. Furthermore, the thoughts, guidance of the whole research group and Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru have literally transformed my life. Also, published Koo: The new King? Characterizing India's Emerging Social Network πŸš€

Promoted to Captain of Chess Team B @ IIIT-Delhi

Under my leadership, the team ranked fourth (better than Chess Team A :P) at Spardha’19 held in IIT-BHU where I won 3/4 games at Board 1.

Wrote My First Blog

Wrote my first ever blog with the thought of giving back to the community while I learn, and guess it was on what? A Short guide to Starting β€˜Web Development’ ✍️

Landed My First Internship

Finally, I got the chance to experience developing production-level applications. Joined wellOwise as a UI Engineer and lifted the entire web face of the startup. πŸš€

Chess Team B at Spardha'18

Won 4/5 games at Board No.1 in Spardha'18 held at IIT-BHU. β™ŸοΈ Second rank at Board No. 1 πŸ’―

Got My First Freelance Project

Learned how to design and develop a website for a client. Thankful to Lakshay A Agarwal. Created Auriga Energy 😊

Joined IIIT-Delhi as Computer Science and Design Student

Well, a lot to say but above all, I love the gems I found here. 😍

Graduated High School

Loved the care, respect and confidence shown in me by my friends and teachers. 😊

Entered High School

Spent the best time just studying (at coaching) and playing cricket (at school). πŸš€


Didn't know who was I, I guess. Just remember being there at cricket field for three years and giving my best in the ever-lasting sport. Honored to meet Sir. Virat Kohli once at WDCA and grateful to be guided by Sir. Rajkumar Sharma and Sir. Hemant Rattan. 😌


Usually unscrewed gates. πŸšͺ